Project Managers oversee and manage, so who actually performs the project work? On larger projects, each of the project management knowledge areas can require its own specialist to perform the project activities. LovePS engineers have experience across functional groups and industries, so we can easily “swap hats” to provide the particular services you need each day, without needing to hire or train additional consultants.



business-analyst-group-business-concept-40979071Business Analysis

Processes & Requirements

Business Analysts are experts in the ways that people perform work. They analyze and design business processes, gather system requirements, evaluate technical solutions, and manage the changes associated with system implementations.

LovePS has the experience to:

  • Recognize the interactions between functional groups.
  • Design coordinated processes that help your business as a whole.
  • Implement necessary controls for regulatory compliance.
  • Provide guidance on different markets as you expand your offering.



reporter on typewriter clipartWriting & Editing

LovePS develops documentation for user manuals, paperwork for grants, requirements and specifications, and other documentation. Our documents are engaging, presenting details creatively, so that it is both interesting and informative.


Product Management

Are you building the products your customer really wants? We need to move on from the idea of being the best; to be successful, today’s businesses need to be unique. We will help you define your product with a solid Business Case, Market Requirements, and Launch Plan.


priority-clipart-clipart-pencil-checklistQuality Assurance

Quality is about more than just testing and inspection. True quality starts at the beginning, with processes and experts doing the job right, from the beginning.

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