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At LovePS, we understand that in order to be successful, employees need to know what others expect or need from them. Our instructors will teach you the ins and outs of topics like Project Management, Quality Assurance, or even your own internal processes. We will match our training style to your needs and use examples relevant to your business to maximize the benefits of training time.

While our training and development programs are typically targeted to larger groups, we can accommodate smaller teams and, for some options, individuals as well.



As a training medium, presentations as a training medium work best for shorter concepts and introductions. They are also good for virtual courses where is not practical to have everyone in one place.

Lunch & Learn

These are a good option for brief overviews of concepts, or details about a single element, that you can absorb over your lunch break. Companies use them for things like:

  • Driving decisions, such as whether your organization wants to adopt a best practice or test out some new software.
  • Introducing a new policy, process, or tool to the organization, so that people have some idea of what is coming within the organization.



These presentations use the internet to share audio and/or video components with distributed groups of any size. They tend to be more one-way than some of our other options, although most systems do allow for Q&A or other user interactions. Their most common uses are:

  • Providing an overview of a product or service for potential buyers.
  • Providing training or share information with a large or distributed group, where getting everyone into one room is impractical.

While webinars are usually on the short side (1-2 hours), they can work for longer courses too (even multiple days).



Workshops allow students to practice new skills as they learn. They may include some degree of presentation with plenty of time for group work and discussion. They are generally the richest training medium, because you have a group of people in a room together, solving problems. They can be the most flexible of training options because they are easy to adapt to a particular company or industry. LovePS will tailor workshops to your organization with relevant examples so that employees can practice new skills in the context of your business.


Independent Study

Sometimes, you simply cannot get everyone together for a training course. Other times, there are not enough people to justify a full course. LovePS offers options to ensure that everyone has access to the training they need.

Training Materials

Effective training incorporates a variety of media, such as presentations, policy documents, and reference material. LovePS will create these for you, so that anyone who misses a training event doesn’t have to miss out completely. With the materials in-hand, we can either present it to your employees, record training videos, or leave it for you to train the rest of your team yourself.

PMBOK Study Tools

As instructors for the local chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI), we develop study tools and facilitate study groups for candidates seeking one of PMI’s professional designations. Our presentations and study guides will help you navigate the latest edition of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), so that you learn what is important for your job, your PMI exam, or both.


Custom Training

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Contact us to develop a customized training program that works for you. We will work outside the box to make sure your team learns what they need to know.


LoveMJ Research & Education

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