Building a team is more than just putting a group of people in a room together. Teams need to work together and trust each other to achieve common goals. As Dr. Bruce Tuckman tells us, teams move through five stages in their evolution.

Tuckman Model for Team Evolution

  1. Forming: teams come together; individuals get to know each other and how they will interact
  2. Storming: conflicts arise through interpersonal differences; individual goals come into play
  3. Norming: standards evolve and member roles emerge; teams learn how to collaborate
  4. Performing: with structural issues resolved, teams work together effectively
  5. Adjourning (or Transforming): dissolution of the team; members move on to other endeavours which may or many not include the same team members

LovePS can help you move through the Forming and Storming stages, establishing the Norms that will enable your team to Perform.



LovePS will facilitate a variety of meetings and workshops so that your staff can stay focused on the content of the meeting. We will help you gather and prioritize requirements, and develop your WBS. We can help you with strategic planning, when you want to select a course of action from many options. Most of all, we will keep your meetings on track and productive, even when the group is very large.



Team Building

Do you want to try something a little different to help your team connect? LovePS’ sommelier customizes wine tasting experiences for teams to get to know each other better as individuals. In planning the event, Stacey will discuss the number of people attending, the number and types of wines you want to taste, and an average price per bottle with you. The price of the service is based on the total wine cost. Some of the topics we cover in a basic seminar include:

  • How to taste wine
  • What makes some wines pink or red
  • Pairing wines with food
  • Terminology, like Body, Legs, and Finish

Check back in Spring 2018 for more team-building options from LoveMJ.


Training & Development

Looking for educational options for your team? Our Organizational Education options are also available to teams.


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