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Thirty years ago, workers sought the stability and security of jobs with large companies. Many would spend entire careers with the same organization, sometimes even staying in the same department throughout. Work was generally localized, with employees working in the same office every day at the same time.

Today, small businesses, freelancers, and independent entrepreneurs are leaving those corporations. Workers relish the flexibility and independence of being their own boss. This has created a bit of a gap, however, as these recent graduates don’t always have the same guidance and training that the corporations provide. LovePS endeavours to support these workers through our Mentorship and Advocacy.



LovePS offers mentorship for Engineers, Project Managers, and small businesses in Saskatoon. We will help you get started with activities like proposals, business planning, and risk analysis. We also match mentees with others from our network when their experience is more aligned with the mentee’s needs.

If you live and work in Saskatoon and would like more information, please contact us. Likewise if you want to volunteer as a mentor or request a mentor in Saskatoon.




LovePS is active in our community, offering our professional services at not cost to support their objectives. Currently Stacey is engaged with:




Training & Development

Looking for training and development options? Many of our Organizational Education options are also available to individuals.


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