Love Professional Services enables companies in transition to meet their potential. Regardless of your stage in the Corporate Lifecycle, our Project Consultants will help you stay scalable and profitable with Consulting and Project Services. Our experience ranges across countries, vertical markets, and industries, with a focus on solving and preventing problems for our clients.

Our expertise includes:

  • Governance




Our consultants are detail-driven engineers who excel at taking a step back to look at how people and systems interact across the organization. Do you need to create or revitalize a functional group in your organization, such as a Project Management Office? Are your employees working in silos, not really aware of their effect on other workers? Maybe you have just grown to the point where you need teams instead of individuals. Or maybe you don’t really have any particular problems, just the knowledge that things could be better!

We can work with you to create new processes, or identify and resolve your existing pain points. We speak both “Engineer” and “Business”, so we can translate across stakeholder groups, helping them to understand each other and their respective needs. We will provide the necessary procedures and templates for your Methodology and train your staff on how to use them. If you need new software or Technology, we’ll help you find the most effective one for your needs and help you implement it.



  • Do you need a Business Analyst and a Technical Writer but can’t hire two people?
  • Are you shorthanded an Electrical Engineer?
  • Do you need someone to translate your product documentation from “Designer” to “User”?
  • Do you need a Program Manager to coordinate a collection of projects?

LovePS provides project services as subject matter experts and specialists in our areas of expertise. As a small business, our consultants are used to wearing multiple hats throughout the day, and can adapt easily to the changing needs of your project. Best of all, you pay for the work you get, not for the support staff needed to run a large consulting firm.


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